Rehoming Crystals

Rehoming Crystals

I offer a chance for people who don't sell crystals, don't own a business, and/or are just uneasy at the thought of shipping out items and invoicing a chance to do so through me! 

I know many collectors tend to collect a lot of crystals, and there comes a time where you outgrow some, or just don't feel connected to them anymore. Rehoming can be a hassle unless you know people locally who enjoy crystals. I know that before I started my business, the idea of invoicing, packing, and shipping to customers felt daunting. 

I offer two options for people wanting to rehome crystals!

Option A:

I can purchase your crystals from you! However, because I pay wholesale price on the crystals I get from suppliers, I'll offer a wholesale price on your crystals. Basically, we'll work together to come up with a bulk deal price for your collection of crystals. You won't make as much money as you would going with Option B, but you will get the money instantly as it would just be coming from me.


  • I'll purchase your crystals from you at a bulk deal price
  • Less money, but payed instantly

Option B:

You can ship me the crystals you are wanting to rehome. I will feature them in my live show, and any that do not sell there will be then listed on my site. This is a slower process as your money will come as customers buy the crystals, but you will get retail value (so more money over time). With this option, I ask for $1 per crystal to help cover the cost of the supplies I'll use to ship your crystals out. Tips are greatly appreciated since I will be spending a lot of time pricing crystals with you, going live and selling them, listing them on my site, invoicing, packing, and shipping them. However, I know that a lot of people may be struggling and need extra cash, so tips are not required. Also, note that I will help you with shipping the crystals to me if you need help in regards to how to pack them, how to label them, and get them shipped (if needed)!


  • You'll ship your crystals to me (I can help with this)
  • You'll get retail value (more money over time)
  • I'll only keep $1 per crystal for shipping supplies
  • Tips are appreciated, but not required


If this interests you, you can find me on Twitter (@StellStarCo) and shoot me a message! Also, make sure to check my bio. I have added a section to it that states if I am currently accepting crystals. Even if I am not, feel free to message me and ask when I will be doing so again! You can also message me any questions you may have.


I hope that this will help crystal lovers rehome their crystals to make room for new ones in a way that is less stressful and easy to manage!