Resin Care

Resin Care

Here is some information about epoxy resin that will help ensure that your products will stay in good condition!*

 -First off, RESIN IS TOXIC! Please never purposefully ingest, place a piece in your mouth, or allow children to get ahold of it! Some brands are FDA approved, however that is only for accidental/limited exposure (ex: dropping food on a piece of resin then picking the food up and eating it). 

– Epoxy Resin is known to not do well in high heat. While I do use KSResin which states on their site, “All of our products are temperature resistant up to 475F when fully cured. Be sure to follow our instructions closely to ensure the best possible results,” I still recommend limited exposure to high heat. For ashtrays, they will be fine. However, setting a piping hot cup on a coaster for a period of time could ruin the coaster. On top of this, resin begins to release fumes as it gets hot. Use of ashtrays is recommended for outdoor use to avoid any possible chance of inhaling any fumes that may escape once you put out your cigarette/blunt/etc. Keep your ash tray clean as well! A resin ash tray should not have piles of ash and/or butts in it otherwise it can be a fire hazard. 


-The thinner the product, the bendier it is. For example, my ashtrays, trays, necklaces, and other products will be hard as a rock, but the bookmarks can be flexed. This is because it is a thinner amount of epoxy resin spread over a long item. Be careful to not set your bookmark in a way that it could be snapped. They can especially be bent when having been in high temperatures. If you were unable to grab your package when it arrived and it sat outside in heat, take the bookmark out and lay it on a flat surface in a cool area. It should re-harden in a few hours! Note that regardless of temperature, they will always be easier than thicker products to bend, as mentioned above. 


-For door openers, they have all been flexed & tested to see how they hold up opening a door. Per my tests, they have not broken. However, you can flex them with your hands if you twist them sideways, so only use them to open doors! Still be cautious as they are not made out of metal like other door openers. 


-If you ever need to clean any of your epoxy resin products, avoid using alcohol based cleaner. Alcohol breaks down resin and could ruin or even break your product. Use cool water and a mild soap. 


-Avoid putting resin products in direct sunlight. This can sometimes cause the resin to begin yellowing at a faster pace. It will also heat up the resin which as mentioned before will allow it to begin releasing toxic fumes. 


For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through my email or my social medias!


*I am not responsible for any products getting ruined or broken. I provide this information to help you take care of your resin products and keep them in top condition for as long as possible.