Astrology for Wimps
Astrology for Wimps
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Astrology for Wimps

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From Amazon:

Prediction: this new addition to the "For Wimps" series will be a star! Even if you don't know a sun sign from a stop sign, this accessible astrology guide will make it easy to chart your horoscope. Don't be intimidated by complex zodiac charts and perplexing planetary patterns. Armed with just this basic set of lessons and a birth time and date, you can plot an individual's future in everything from business enterprises to love affairs. These down-to-earth instructions identify your rising sign, moon sign, and sun sign, and give cosmic insight into what makes you tick. With personality checklists, lively graphics, and fun tips on predictive astrology, even the wimpiest would-be astrologer will be won over. But be prepared. Once word of your newly acquired skills gets around, you'll have everyone from Libras to Leos lining up for enlightenment.

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