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Botswana Agate Tumbles
Stellar Stardust Creations

Botswana Agate Tumbles

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I have more than what is pictured so your tumble(s) may not look exactly like any in the picture (color & size)! 

Botswana (Banded) Agate can be used to help overcome physical, emotional, and mental toxicity.  It can help to remove conflict and maintain your wellbeing. Fun fact: It is also said to repel spiders. 

Placement: Can be held, or placed on the third eye to cut mental cords with past toxic relationships, manipulative parents, etc. 

Sourced From*: Botswana, United States, Morocco, Czech Republic, Brazil, and South Africa. 

*Please Note: I consciously source my crystals and do my due diligence to not knowingly source crystals from places where there is active conflict or inhumane working conditions. So, while this list may contain areas where there is conflict or inhumane working conditions, know that I do not knowingly purchase from those countries.


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