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Celestite Heart
Stellar Stardust Creations

Celestite Heart

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This crystal is being rehomed for another crystal collector and is not available for discounts!

Celestite is a creative crystal and is perfect for artists to have on hand. It can help to stimulate clairvoyancy and dream recalling. 

Celestite helps with inner peace and urges you to become more accepting of new experiences.

Placement: Place or hold as needed.

Celestite fades in sunlight, so avoid placing in an area where the sun hits. 

Sourced From*: Britain, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Libya, and Madagascar. 

*Please Note: I consciously source my crystals and do my due diligence to not knowingly source crystals from places where there is active conflict or inhumane working conditions. So, while this list may contain areas where there is conflict or inhumane working conditions, know that I do not knowingly purchase from those countries.

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