Raw Malachite
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Raw Malachite

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Intuitively chosen raw Malachite pieces. 

Malachite opens the heart to unconditional love and absorbs negative energies. It can also be used to scry and assists in receiving insights from the subconscious.

Note: Malachite dust is toxic, so if any comes off of your raw pieces, avoid breathing it in and dispose of the dust. 

Placement: Wear on the left hand or place on your third eye.

Sourced From*: Romania, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia, and the Middle East.

*Please Note: I consciously source my crystals and do my due diligence to not knowingly source crystals from places where there is active conflict or inhumane working conditions. So, while this list may contain areas where there is conflict or inhumane working conditions, know that I do not knowingly purchase from those countries.

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