Teachings Around the Sacred Wheel
Teachings Around the Sacred Wheel
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Teachings Around the Sacred Wheel

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From Amazon:

For the first time millions of Lynn Andrews's readers can participate directly in a vision quest for enlightenment and personal power. Here the bestselling author of theMedicine Woman, Jaguar Woman, and Crystal Womantakes her readers on a journey around the sacred wheel and helps them tap their own Shamanic power. Based on her popular books and workshops, this powerful workbook facilitates shamanic initiation into the Dreamtime.

Andrews provides helpful explanations and easy-to-follow visualization exercises for traveling the inner paths to the four points of the sacred wheel. Readers will discover their own special Power Animal, energize within a circle of crystals, seek self-knowledge through mirroring, and make a visionary mountain ascent. Exercises unlock a unique visualization process that blends controlled traveling in the Dreamtime with specific physical postures that help initiate "a journey to discover one's own enlightenment and to help heal our mother earth."

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