The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing
The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing
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The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing

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The teachings of the Apache and Cherokee tribes in particular have come down through the generations by word of mouth. This is the first written document to carry their secrets to the tribes of the world. Concerned about malpractice in the application of crystals these au thentic practitioners of crystal therapy believe that much of the information in circulation today is incorrect-and perhaps even harmful to both the receiver of the treatment and to the crystals themselves. Placing Crystals on Chakra centers is particularly dangerous when several are used at the same time. It is the aim of this book to explain the work which we do with our brothers and sisters the Crystals. Readers will learn about the properties of stones the properties of colors and the electromagnetic fields of the body. Chapters include Purification & Care of Crystals the Different Ways of Working the Three Laws of Healing How to Prepare the Essences and the therapeutic Touch & Exercises.

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